Our Story

The wellness industry as we know it is understood as the active pursuit of ‘good health’. But what does this really look like and mean? Is it smoothies, superfoods and supplements? Or yoga, meditation and journaling? Also, being that Wellness is a 4.6 TRILLION dollar industry, has it simply become an extension of the fitness and diet industries but with a different spin?

We know that the pursuit of wellbeing isn’t a universal truth – the path isn’t applicable to, or desired by everyone and certainly isn’t a measure of your value. To us, and to many, the true definition of wellness comes down to an all-encompassing journey to wellbeing – one that isn’t partial to the size of our body, the colour of our skin, or how much money we have in our bank account.

And the fact remains; Wellness isn’t Instagrammable. Acai bowls and yoga retreats do not represent wellBEING.

Wellbeing is political. It’s intersectional. It’s survival.

At The Women’s Wellness Series, we explore wellness through storytelling from lived-in experiences, expert advice, opinions, video photography, artwork, illustrations & poetry.

We know that our collective experience of wellness is enhanced when all of our stories are heard and told. We have chosen to include the ‘ x ’ in our logo as it represents the value of the collective being exponentially increased by the power of ‘ x ’, by the power of you, the power of WE.


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